European Suppliers

Stamperia Bertozzi (Italy)

Stamperia Bertozzi is a family enterprise based in Gambettola in Italy which has been creating hand printed fabrics since 1920. All of the linen is handprinted with traditional designs using hand-carved pearwood woodblocks. Steam, water and the sun are the key elements of Stamperia Bertozzi’s own unique process of fixing the colours on the fabric. Many years of testing support a solid warranty of durability in washing and ecological sensitivity in the production process.

eCasa carries the Stamperia Bertozzi crumpled linen range with a broad variety of colours and patterns in tablecloths, napkins, runners, tea towels and aprons.

Claude Dozorme (France)

Founded in 1902 by Blaise (the Wolf) Dozorme, Claude Dozorme is a brand that reflects the ancient but constantly re-invented family tradition of knife-making. Claude Dozorme is dedicated to producing knives that respect tradition while reflecting modern lifestyles. All Claude Dozorme knives are made in the Auvergne and each one is hand-crafted and finished.

eCasa carries a selection of Claude Dozorme’s traditional pocket knives as well as a broader selection of tableware including cheese knives and services, bread knives, carving knives & sets, oyster knives and cork screws.

Sol & Luna (Spain)

Committed to the luxurious craft of leather, the artisans on Sol & Luna, a Spanish manufacturer and retailer have become internationally known for objects & furniture elegantly covered in leather. Launched in 2003, Sol & Luna focuses on using wood and leather from the Chaco region of Paraguay to form a product line of sustainable goods combined with an unparalleled standard of excellence.

eCasa carries a range of leather products from Sol & Luna including hip flasks, vacuum flasks, salt & pepper grinders, trays, tables and drawers.

Texteis Iris (Portugal)

Portugal has built a reputation for household textiles based on small and medium sized enterprises with 50 workers or less. These companies combine the use of modern technology with the quality of the cottage industry. The tablecloths, napkins and placemats from Texteis Iris in orange-gold with wide borders and a red acanthus leaf pattern exemplify the Mediterranean country-chic style.

eCasa carries a range of tablecloths, napkins, runners and aprons from the Texteis Iris collection.

Charvet Editions (France)

The company has been based in TRP Charvet Armentieres for over a century. Armentieres is in the heart of Europe and has been famous since the Middle Ages for producing the finest linen fabrics. All of Charvet Editions’ table linen is woven and made in France.

eCasa carries a range of traditional French tablecloths, napkins, tea towels and aprons from the Charvet Editions collection

Anne Becker (France)

The designer Anne Becker hails from the world of Paris fashion. She began her career in ready-to-wear and haute couture and contributed to the collections of Ted Lapidus, Yves Saint Laurent and Thierry Mugler. In 2005 she decided to devote her talents to interior decoration and textiles for the home. Many of her designs are made by specialist haute couture workers.

eCasa carries a range of jute monogrammed bags and floor cushions, innovative curtain tie-backs and wild silk throws from the Anne Becker collection.

Ortigia (Sicily)

Ortigia was the name given by the Greeks to the island south of the city of Syracuse, the greatest city in the Greek empire, after its capture in 415BC. On the east coast, it is in the area of Sicily known as “la Sicilia Orientale”. Because of its proximity to Africa, this region of Sicily has an almost tropical climate. This is the only area where the Blood Oranges are grown. Cactus, eucalyptus, lemon & grapefruit trees are also grown, while almonds, pistachios, saffron, vines and olives thrive in the rich volcanic soil.

The company Ortigia features a range of toiletries inspired by this cultural wealth and natural beauty – all of the colours, scents and aesthetics are Sicilian, and all the plants used to create the range are indigenous to Sicily.

eCasa carries four scents: Fico d’India (Fig & Cedar from the Fico d’India cactus), Mandorla (Almond oil & blossom), Zagara (Orange blossom with neroli, pettigrain & other wood bases) and Sandalo (Narcissus, Cedar, Teak, Vetiver Rose & Jasmine) in a range of products including candles, soaps, bath salts & gift sets.

Ceramiques Aparicio (Spain)

Ceramiques Aparicio works with clay from the Emporda region in Spain (nr Girona). This area has great artistic and cultural traditions, and the richness of the colours of its sea and mountains, its landscapes and its peoples are shown in the collection. These handcrafted products are suitable for all kitchen appliances including microwaves, freezers and dishwashers.

eCasa carries a selection of tableware from the Spiral and Genero Pincelado ranges from Ceramiques Aparicio together with a gorgeous range of casserole dishes.

Gino Peccetti (Italy)

Maioliche Tradizionali Peccetti Gino is a family enterprise with skilled artisans working from premises in the famous town of Deruta in Italy to produce ceramics reflecting the traditional designs of Deruta.

eCasa carries a range of ceramic tableware in the Raffaelsco and other designs including: plates, platters, bowls, cups & saucers, planters, pitchers and oil bottles.

Provence Lavandes (France)

For centuries, fragrances were considered as a language … a fundamental base for fragrance in the world, Lavender was often offered as a welcoming gift. Long ago, offered to fiancées, Couers de Lavande were also intended to protect their trousseau and to perfume the linens stored in closets or drawers. Today the Couers de Lavande are totally hand-made by Provence Lavandes in the pure tradition. When you squeeze the Couer de Lavande it will immediately release the subtle fragrance of a Provencal summer.

eCasa carries this exclusive range of Couers de Lavande in a large range of sizes and colours – taking customers back to the farmers and makers markets of Provence.

A Fleur de Peau (France)

A Fleur de Peau operates from the Marche Vernaison at the flea markets (Marche de Puces) in Paris (Cligancourt). The gentlemen involved in this business lovingly restore leather Club Fauteuils from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

eCasa carries a small selection of these beautifully restored leather club chairs from Paris in the 1930’s/40’s.